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Part of my current project “perspectives”

These are a few crops from a series of very large images intended for print, sized approximately four feet by eight feet. Some time back, I found a means by which I could reduce the minutia in an image while retaining the overarching message. This particular set attempts to convey an observation I’ve made about individuality relating to a greater whole.

The first image of each set is the “Big Picture” image. This particular view represents the grand macro view of ones perspective where individuality is lost and the whole is what is observed.

The second image of each set is the “Intermediate” image. This particular view represents a “Mid Way” view of ones perspective where both individuality, and a greater world view, are both lost. From here, neither the details of the individuals nor the meaning of the whole are readily apparent.

The third image of each set  is the “Micro” image. This particular view represents a “Sample” view of ones perspective where individuality is emphasized. From here the meaning of the whole is lost. A narrow cross-section of the entire story is visible, yet fine details that compose the individual components of the whole are absent. The perspective at this level is superficial, no real emphasis is made on the finer points of individuality.

“Sourav Chatterjee is a photographer located in the greater metropolitan New York area who enjoys a bit of travel. He creates images that express personal experiences, capturing moments from a distinctly unique perspective. He uses each subjects individuality to represent the essence of any given event in it’s entirety. Sourav has a penchant for fine art landscapes and abstracts while also serving those in need of event coverage and candid portraiture.”

Further work samples can be found showcased on the following trade organization’s sites: American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the National Press Photographer’s Association (NPPA). Sourav, with the help of his studio, is fully equipped to handle many of your imaging, printing and marketing needs. To learn more about Sourav or his studio, or to see his most recent projects, you can check out the studio’s Facebook Page or follow Sourav on Facebook. You can also contact the studio with questions or concerns by phone or email.